About Us


Southwest Superbikes has been in the motorcycle business since 1988. We are a full service motorcycle dealer. We offer the largest pre-owned sportbike selection in Texas. We set three world records on bikes that we customized IN HOUSE. We attained these records at the legendary Bonneville Salt Flats in Wendover, Utah. Along with setting these records our bikes have currently put 5 people into the 200 MPH club.  We are proud to provide services to the motorcycle community because we are part of the motorcycle community. Each of our employees rides. Commuting, trail riding, cross country touring, adventure touring, as well as track time on road and dirt; We Ride! We appreciate all the business that we have and hope that we can serve the industry for many more years to come.



Southwest Superbikes
2361 Fabens Road Dallas TX 75229
Phone: (972) 418-0555 Fax: (972) 418-5595